After you’ve connected with God through Weekly Services, the best way to grow deeper is by joining a Group. No matter who you are or where you are located, we have a group that’s right for you.

What can I expect?


We have groups that meet throughout the Rochester metro area. From Eastgate to Greece and Irondequoit to Pittsford.


Day of the Week

Groups meet throughout the week on various days and times.

Demographic / Topic

While most of our groups are as diverse as our congregation, we also have groups that discuss topics specifically for young adults, singles, married, bi-lingual groups and more.


We have a number of groups who provide childcare or who are kid-friendly.

Calvary Groups
Calvary Groups
Calvary Groups

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Children's Ministry, PreK-4th

SUNDAYS   Both 9:15 AM & 10:45 AM  Children’s Wing
The Gospel Project for Kids Age appropriate classes for preschool through Grade 4 in a fun, energetic atmosphere! (Nursery Care is provided for infants & toddlers during the service.)
Emily McCulla, [email protected]; and adult volunteers


SUNDAYS   10:45 AM   Rm 205
Grow Scripture based and life applicable to today’s preteens.
Carey Dunlop, [email protected]; and adult volunteers

Junior High

SUNDAYS   10:45 AM   Rm 103-105
Faith for Life A chronological walk through Scripture with interactive life application.
Danielle Creager, [email protected]; Ian Ober, [email protected]

High School

SUNDAYS   10:45 AM   Rm 106
Dialogue Series Various topical studies.
Dan Briggs, [email protected]; Andrea Giardino, [email protected]

Calvary Students Midweek, Grades 7-12

TUESDAYS   6:30-8:30 PM   Rm 103
Various Topical Studies
Carey Dunlop, [email protected]; and adult volunteers

Men's Bible Study

MONDAYS   (2nd & 4th Mon. monthly) 7:00 PM   Rm 204
Grace Is Greater By Kyle Idleman. We’re saturated with a knowledge of grace. But when Jesus walked here on earth, He lived grace, sharing it through countless stories and real-life examples. In Grace Is Greater, Kyle Idleman seeks to do the same–to shake us out of our comfort zone with grace and to again be amazed, shocked, and enthralled as we experience Jesus’ radical way of living and forgiving. By hearing stories of lives transformed, you’ll grasp God’s love in a fresh way and find new freedom and joy in your own life.
Robert McCulla, [email protected]

Adult Bible Study

SUNDAYS   9:15 AM   Rm 118
Savior Among Us Covers the high points of Jesus’s three year ministry as He walked the earth.
Dick Post, [email protected]

Adult Discipleship Study

Mon. evenings, Thurs. mornings, Thurs. evenings, Call church office for schedule: (585) 334-8130
Discipled By Jesus By Hal and Debbi Perkins. For those interested in growing as a disciple of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus.
Pastor Mark Blankenship, [email protected]

Women's Bible Study

TUESDAYS   7:30 PM   Rm 213-215

Resuming date and new topic – TBA
(Study follows PiYo LIVE, 6:30-7:30 PM, a music-driven, athletic workout that incorporates flexibility, strength training, conditioning & dynamic movement.Suitable for all levels.)
Michelle Ober, [email protected]

Adult Bible Study

WEDNESDAYS   7:00 PM   Rm 203
In-Depth Bible Study This is an in-depth look at the Sunday Sermon Scriptures.
Pastor Mark Blankenship, [email protected]

Women's Bible Study

WEDNESDAYS   7:00 PM  Home In Henrietta
The Shelter of God’s Promises By Sheila Walsh. Gain trust in God. that will sustain you for life!  Weaving together her her hallmark storytelling, personal experience, and Scripture, Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh unveils 10 foundational promises of God that safeguard our lives during the most difficult times.  Discover how encounters with Christ are the eternal fulfillment of his unrelenting commitment to us.
Patty Pennella, [email protected]; Karen Tickner, [email protected]

Adult Bible Study

TUESDAYS  10:00 AM   Home in Rochester
Resuming January 7th
Life Lessons from Psalms By Max Lucado. A praise book for God’s people.  This series offers intriguing questions, inspirational stories, and poignant reflections to take readers deeper into God’s Word. In Life Lessons from Psalms, you’ll study the prayers and poetry used in the early church. Written by a variety of people, some are heartfelt cries of anguish, others plead for God’s help, and still others are full of praise. Let them become your prayers as well.
Donna Hilton, [email protected]; Ann Gottorff, [email protected]

Adult Bible Study

SUNDAYS   10:45 AM   Rm 204
Resuming January 12th.  New topic – TBA
Rotating facilitators: Lee Markle, [email protected]; Teresa Connors [email protected]

Women's Bible Study

SUNDAYS   9:15 AM   Rm 122
The Christmas Experience By Kyle Idleman. Bible study examining the Christmas story in detail, helping families and small groups prepare for the Christmas season. Each session will focus on how God chose each individual in the Christmas story for a specific purpose. Those participating in The Christmas Experience study will be able to find themselves in the Christmas story, as they learn that what happened then changes everything now.

Next topic begins January 19th: TBA (a book from the bible).  Barb Kelly, [email protected]

Divorce Recovery

SUNDAYS   9:15 AM   Rm 203
Divorce Recovery Help and healing from the pain of divorce.
Bill McGough, [email protected]; Tess Tomanovich, [email protected]

Quarter Life (18-25 age)

SUNDAYS   9:15 AM   Rm 204
Gospel Project An ongoing group Bible study that helps participants encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ on every page of Scripture.  This is a chronological, Christ-centered Bible study.
Pastor Janice Lum, [email protected] OR [email protected]

Adult Bible Study

NEW!!  THURSDAYS   7 PM Henrietta Public Library
The Dialog Series: We Share the Name Refugee  By Teanna Sunberg. We turn on the nightly news and see thousands upon thousands of men, women, and children traveling to destinations unknown. As we see their journey unfold, we may have preconceived ideas about who they are and why they are branded refugee. However, in many ways, we are traveling the same path. Each of us is on a journey of faith that begins with one step. We Share the Name Refugee: A Million Steps of Faith opens our eyes to the journey traveled by the refugee. Through each narrative, we will see that their story is really our story as well.
David Riddell, [email protected]

Christ-Life Solution

Call church office for schedule:   (585) 334-8130

Christ Life Solution, Phase 1
Unpacking Self-Deception: Who Am I Really? Trading self-deception
for God’s true perception of you.
Donna Hilton, [email protected]

Christ Life Solution, Phase 2
Abandoning Self-Reliance: Who Is God and Can He Be Trusted?
Trading self-reliance for total dependence on God.
Pastor Mark Blankenship, [email protected]

Christ Life Solution, Phase 3
Embracing Self-Surrender: Who Is God Living in Me?

Trading self-life
identity for Christ’s identity in you.
Pastor Mark Blankenship, [email protected]

Calvary Groups
Calvary Groups
Calvary Groups