Calvary Set Design

Stained Glass 2.0


I’m looking for a design for the section with the cross that will incorporate the cross. In this section, the stained glass will surround the still visible cross. On the two outside sections with the black and white fabric, I’d like to have one design that will be mirrored between the two sides. This design doesn’t need to fill the entire space, but it does need to fill most of the space.

Mess around with it and see what you think. I am fine with a traditional style or a modern style, don’t feel like you have to copy any of the photos of the other churches. If you have any questions, let me know. Thanks so much for helping with this!

Pastor Tyler

“Life Together”- I like the flowing, curved lines, although that may be difficult to replicate in real life. We don’t have to make every shape touch the next. We can leave some black space between if needed.

“Perseverance”- The two outside rounded rectangles with circles inside are really cool. I wonder if we did four larger circles (with smaller circles scattered) we could include the advent images inside those four circles. If my rigging design is flexible enough we could have four “blank” circles that we could swap out after advent and continue using the design a while longer. Really, we could use that idea on any design and have two layers, a background layer and an advent image layer.

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