Mortgage Burning Tracker

Track our progress as we move nearer to fully paying down our mortgage!

We are just


Weeks Away
From Being Debt Free!

Our Current Pay-Off Date is approximately:

the Second Week of March, 2022

How Can I Help?

1. Pray. This is the most important thing you can do to contribute! Pray for our leadership. Pray for our congregation. Pray for our community. Pray that we will listen carefully and respond to the direction God is leading our church. The most important way you can contribute is through prayer!

2. Consider how God might be calling you to contribute financially. We can see that God has provided through the generosity of his servants. How might you be called to participate in this work?

Giving can be done by cash or check, or online at

We also want to invite you to consider whether you may be called to provide a legacy gift. The Nazarene Foundation offers stories of how God has provided through legacy giving, and provides tools for how you might contribute through legacy giving, visit The Nazarene Foundation.

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